Friday, 8 April 2011

The Rose Bay to Rose Bay Walk

For those days when I can’t make it to Bondi for the world famous Bondi to Bronte cliff walk, I undertake the lesser-known Rose Bay to Rose Bay walk, a 40-minute round trip that showcases the best of the harbourside suburb I call home.

You’re unlikely to spot Lara Bingle or the latest reality TV star from The Biggest Loser, but you will get to see the local wildlife – pelicans – and you won’t be tripped over by lycra-clad joggers.

Start at Perfection Chocolates – you’ll need sustenance for this walk along flat surfaces, so feel free to stop for a decadent hot chocolate – head past the kayaking stand, the RSL, the paddleboarding stand, the Woollahra Sailing Club to Lyne Park.

If you’re lucky you’ll see a seaplane taking off or landing and you can dream of zipping over for lunch at Cottage Point or Jonahs. Seaplanes have been landing in Rose Bay harbour from 1938 making it Sydney’s first international airport. There’s a cute sign telling you how far you are from London, Singapore, etc.

Gaze longingly at Catalinas – which is named after the Catalina flying boats – make your way through the crowds at the ferry terminal and head along the promenade to The Pier.

If you only have loose coins in your pocket rather than a Platinum Amex, instead of pressing your face up against the window wishing you were in there dining with the rich and the fabulous, I’m going to let you in on a little secret that gives you an even better view for your morning latte.

Head down the stairs to the left or right of the Pier, holding your nose against the smell of fish, and you’ll find the Rose Bay Marina Kiosk. It’s the closest you’ll get to the harbour without hopping on a boat. There’s limited capacity seating, so on weekends you have to get there early to nab one of the tables, or you can get take-away and have your coffee in the park next door. On the menu are bacon and eggs, sandwiches, burgers, salads and a rather delicious goats cheese and beetroot tart served with rocket, all for under $20.

The other day when I was taking my time over my coffee the great excitement was a fin in the water that everyone at the cafĂ© decided was a baby shark. An investigative team was deployed and it turned out to be a fish – the fin was its tail. That’s a relief as one of these days I’m going to try the paddle boarding and given my coordination skills I’m bound to end up in the drink so I don’t want to end up as some baby shark's lunch.